General Maintenance

We provide all types of maintenance which means it’s easier for the suppliers to depend on a whole service providing company for their heavy equipments. Our aim to become the first local company that accomplish the construction maintenance scope for the long run, the dependency spot in this field. Among the competitors, we handle a very deep scale of accomplishment and deal with all heavy types of equipment challenge from the largest excavator to the smallest screw.

No More Delay, Always Ahead of time…

The well-trained team cares about your timing as much as they do about our excellence. we compress time with a quality service in submitting our projects and keep your business uptime thru the year. we are a call away from a disaster collision and it’s more secure and time-saving if your products are under our supervision to solve issues before it occurs.

Preventative Maintenance

Our contract support means that you’re committed to a 24/7/365 without downtime or business delay, including an annual inspection to assure the safety of equipments before any disaster or damage appears.

To represent a fully functioning equipment you will be in need of inspections and spare parts change and that will be depending on the equipment runtime and usage. Any change will be provided under the supervision of our experts and your professionals in order to get the best out of it.

Maintenance Sector

We handle a very large scope of heavy equipment maintenance from the smallest spare parts to the largest on the field and this is supervised under a specific department of each tool.

This includes the following :



Articulated Truck

Backhoe Truck



Motor Grader

Wheel Loader


Skid Steer



Rock Drill


Boom Lift


Water Truck


Air Compressor

Construction Attachments

Light Tower